A Primer of Offshore Operations, 3rd Ed.

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Published by: The University of Texas at Austin, Petroleum Extension Services, PETEX, 1998.

ISBN: o-88698-178-6

132 pages.

Describes the techniques and equipment used around the world, devoting chapters to exploration, drilling, production, workover, and transportation. Ideal for anyone seeking fundamental information about offshore oil and gas operations.

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Operating in oceans or seas, offshore presents special problems to oil producers to oil producers that they do not have to face on land sites. This training manual examines many of the special conditions the marine environment imposes on finding, producing, and transporting oil and gas. This four-color edition is written in clear, basic language and is intended for anyone who wants fundamental information about offshore oil and gas operations. Techniques and equipment utilized the world over are covered in full-color illustrations, and both English and metric measurements are used.

Topics include fundamentals, exploration, drilling rigs, drilling a well, exploration drilling, development drilling and completion, production and workover, and oil and gas transportation. Over 140 color photographs and illustrations, readable language, and a glossary help the reader to understand the material. PETEX, 1998.