Behavior Based Safety


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  • Prerequisites: No prerequisites are required to sit this course.
  • Objective: LO1: Define what behavior based safety is and why it is important LO2: Define what behavior is and describe the influence of reinforcement on safety LO3: Define the key components in designing and implementing a Behavior Based Safety program LO4: List and describe the basic principles required for an effective Behavior Based Safety program LO5: List and describe the barriers associated with a Behavior Based Safety program LO6: Identify management and worker responsibilities within a Behavior Based Safety program.
  • Course content:The aim of this course is to provide all personnel with an awareness of Behavior Based Safety (BBS) practices, its key components and barriers, and the roles and responsibilities both employers and workers must take to ensure behavior based safety practices are successfully implemented and managed in the workplace. Employers should provide additional company specific training for all observers within their organization to provide working knowledge of observation procedures and data analysis systems.
  • Course code: CNBSRDL001
  • Duration: 30 minutes