Conducting Effective Onboard Drills for Vessel & Offshore Facility Crews

Moxie Media

Length: 19 minutes

This program has been developed to emphasize the importance of emergency response drills and provides instruction on how to make onboard drills more effective.

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Video Preview:

Some common drills that are demonstrated in this training are: fire response, man overboard, launching/maneuvering skiffs or rescue boats, launching of life rafts, collision, allusion & grounding, spill response, security, and abandon ship drills.

Topics Include:

  • The importance of conducting drills
  • Knowledge of the different types of emergency drills required for safe operations
  • Planning and organizing drills to train and challenge crew members in different emergency scenarios
  • Observing and evaluating crew drills
  • Providing feedback through post drill debriefings with a focus on continued improvement for future drills
  • Conducting effective drills in order to respond to actual emergency situations