Equality and Diversity



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  • Prerequisites:  No prerequisites are required to sit this course.
  • Objective: LO1: Define what the terms ‘equality’ and ‘diversity’ mean LO2: State the legislation associated with equality in the workplace LO3: Identify the protected characteristics LO4: Distinguish between direct and indirect discrimination LO5: Recognise harassment and victimisation behaviours in the workplace LO6: Take action to minimise unconscious bias LO7: Outline the penalties if businesses and individuals fail to comply LO8: Summarise your role in working fairly and inclusively with others.
  • Course content: This course provides an overview of the policies and practices that can help to ensure equality and diversity in the workplace. The course also provides knowledge and understanding on the legislation that underpins good practice, and the role that you play to promote fairness and compliance
  • Course code: CPBSRDL004
  • Duration:   30 minutes