Hazard Awareness and Identification



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  • Prerequisites:  No prerequisites are required to sit this course.
  • Objective: LO1: LO1: Explain what Hazard Identification is LO2: Identify methods of hazard identification LO3: Describe the different energy sources LO4: Identify examples of control measures for each energy source LO5: Identify contributing factors LO6: Describe how you can use your senses to detect hazards LO7: Explain the importance of good observation”
  • Course content: The course is available in the following languages: English; Brazilian Portuguese; Spanish; Norwegian; Bahasa Malay; Indonesian; Thai; Turkish This course is suitable for all employees working in hazardous industries. It has been developed in accordance with the ‘Step Change in Safety’ initiative which promotes the establishment, maintenance and development of hazard identification and risk assessment systems to provide a safer work environment. On successful completion of this course, candidates will have an excellent appreciation of the key features of hazard identification systems used throughout the oil and gas industry.
  • Course code: COBSRDL008
  • Duration:   60 minutes