Human Factors



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  • Prerequisites:  No prerequisites are required to sit this course.
  • Objective: LO1: Define what is meant by the term ‘human factors’ and how they can affect human performance in the workplace LO2: Identify the areas of risk associated with human factors LO3: Describe the potential causes of stress and fatigue and recognise the symptoms in yourself and others LO4: Explain the importance of competence in human factors LO5: Summarise the role human factors play in good design LO6: Summarise how organisational change can impact human factors LO7: Explain why good communication is essential in managing human factors LO8: Explain the key steps to mitigating risk associated with human factors.
  • Course content: The course is available in the following languages: English; Turkish. To provide an overview of human factors in the workplace and the impact these factors can have on the day-to-day situations that occur.
  • Course code:  CPBSRDL005
  • Duration: 30 minutes