IADC Rig Sensor Stewardship Guidelines


IADC Rig Sensor Stewardship Guidelines

These guidelines, produced through more than 18 months of collaborative effort under the IADC Advanced Rig Technology (ART) Committee and with nearly 100 drilling industry professionals, provide a structure to address and define proper sensor functioning and accuracy of a data point measurement.

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The role and importance of sensor-generated data during the well construction process is undergoing a transformation as drilling contractors, service companies, and operators consume increasing amounts of this data for monitoring, analytics, and automation. However, the promise of a valued output can only be delivered when the measured data is a reliable image of the real drilling process.

The IADC Advanced Rig Technology DCS subcommittee has launched an initiative together with the IADC Maintenance Committee to develop sensor stewardship guidelines to enable drilling contractors and service providers to deliver high integrity and reliable data.

These guidelines do not define actual verification or calibration procedures but instead focus on the following:

  • Understanding applicable standards
  • Providing a common framework and set of definitions
  • Concept of sensor stewardship philosophy for rig owners
  • Types of sensor errors
  • Set of critical sensor accuracy framework tables
  • Metadata sensor formats

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