Incident Reporting for Oilfield Employees




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Video Preview: Incident Reporting for Oilfield Employees

Incident reporting is a skill that is vital to workers in any industry. Although incident reporting can be a stressful task, when it is done correctly, it can beåÊan invaluable tool for preventing future errors.

This program directly addresses the most common reasons employees have for not cooperating fully by showing how investigations are meant to find and address root causes and flaws in safety systems, not to cast blame or get someone fired. Length: 14 minutes

Topics Include:

  • To find and address root causes
  • To modify safety systems to prevent future incidents
  • To ensure regulatory compliance
  • To build a culture of safety
  • Key terms: accident, incident, near miss, unsafe condition
  • Reporting requirements, including national and international regulatory reporting
  • Identifying surface causes
  • Identifying and analyzing root causes
  • Improving safety systems
  • Investigative techniques, including interviewing
  • Reporting of incidents, near misses, or unsafe conditions
  • Awareness of reporting requirements, including regulatory requirements
  • Knowledge of Emergency Response Plan/Procedures
  • Responding to emergencies, including injuries and medical emergencies
  • Reporting and responding to environmental incidents
  • Full cooperation with investigations
  • Full disclosure of information
  • Alcohol or drug testing requirements
  • Probability of being re-interviewed
  • Adoption of improved work procedures