JSA for the Oilfield Industry: A Guide to Employee Participation, Hazard Identification & Control

Moxie Media

Length: 30 minutes

This program will instruct oilfield workers on the benefits and importance of using JSAs to prevent accidents and incidents. Through actual oilfield job site examples, crews will learn to analyze a job function, break it down into specific steps and predict the job hazards for each action.

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Video Preview:

BSEE’s Safety and Environmental Management System regulation (SEMS) requires JSAs to be routinely conducted as part of a comprehensive system designed for safety and environmental protection.

SEMS also requires all workers to be trained in the use of Job Safety Analysis. JSAs are required by company policies and industry standards in land-based oilfield operations as well.

After identifying and formulating a set of job hazards the crew will learn how they can work together to develop procedures to control those hazards in order to work safely.

Module Topics Include:

  • What is Job Safety Analysis?
  • Step Identification
  • Hazard Identification and Analysis
  • Job Hazard Analysis Examples
  • Hazard Control
  • JSA Scenarios