Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material Awareness – OSHA Standards



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  • Prerequisites:  No prerequisites are required to sit this course.
  • LO1: Give an overview of radioactivity LO2: Describe NORM LO3: Give an overview of the health and safety issues relating to NORM LO4: Explain where NORM is found LO5: Give an overview of legislation and employer responsibilities with regard to NORM LO6: Explain how NORM is detected LO7: Outline the precautions that should be taken when working in an environment where NORM may be found.
  • Course content: The course is available in the following languages: US English; Mexican Spanish. The aim of this course is to provide you with an understanding of the legal requirements, methods and responsibility for managing radioactive waste in the oil and gas industry. Employers should provide additional training when a new hazard/procedure/condition or piece of equipment is introduced into the workplace or “unscheduled” refresher training is recommended as directed to address inadequacies in knowledge and to address unsafe acts/deviations from procedures.
  • Course code: CIBSRDL626
  • Duration:   30minutes