Safe Crane Operations



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  • Prerequisites:  No prerequisites are required to sit this course.
  • Objective: LO1: Summarise the relevant legislation and regulations applicable to crane operations LO2: Explain the key points of each regulation within LOLER LO3: Explain the key aspects of PUWER in relation to crane safety LO4: Describe how the LOLER and PUWER regulations apply offshore LO5: Explain common lifting terminology LO6: Describe the main roles and responsibilities within lifting LO7: Describe common parts of a crane LO8: Describe crane safety devices and measures LO9: Identify types of lifting accessories LO10: Identify factors causing rope deterioration and defects LO11: Recall the requirement for a permit to work LO12: Identify typical hazards and risks when using lifting equipment and accessories LO13: Define the load characteristics which affect lifting LO14: Describe the preparations to make before handling the load on the installation LO15: Define lift classifications LO16: Explain the pre-start checks to be made prior to a lift LO17: Describe limitations for cranes LO18: List general instructions and checks whilst a lift is being performed LO19: Describe methods of good communication LO20: Define safe sling angles and tensions LO21: Explain how to use appropriate lifting accessories safely LO22: Describe situations that require the lifting operation to be stopped immediately LO23: Describe post-action activities.
  • Course content: This course is available in the following languages: English; Turkish The purpose of this course is to provide you with a good knowledge of relevant legislation, the functionality of cranes, hazards and controls, and how to ensure a lift is prepared and performed safely and successfully.
  • Course code: COBSRDL044
  • Duration:   120 minutes